Monday, October 21, 2013


So, at work today, a customer that i remember from a few months ago came in. she is visibly pregnant, and she said, "do you remember me?" i said that i did, and she said, "i need to ask you something, and i need you to tell me the truth, and i feel very awkward about it." i told her to ask. she said, "do you live downtown?" i said, "close to downtown." she said, "do you go to (local bar)?" i said, "i've been there a few times." she said, "do you know a man named nolan?" I said, "no." she said "i found out three weeks ago that my husband cheated on me. he said he was drunk and met a woman named bethany with brown hair at (local bar). he said he can't remember anything about her other than that, and i need to know if it was you." i said, "i promise you it wasn't me." she said, "we had a rough time in our marriage a few months ago. we have three kids and i'm expecting our fourth. i cannot believe he did this to me. i am so humiliated, and i walk around every day looking for this woman that i don't even know. and if that's not bad enough, he gave me a std. he gets to walk around like everything's fine and i am in hell." i hugged her and said i was so, so sorry that she had this to deal with. but, universe, i'm puzzled. i did hurt a wife, because i believed her husband when he lied to me. i am so remorseful for my actions. i have made peace with her, to the best of my ability. why this? why am i the accused? what am i supposed to be learning from this?

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